What You Need to Know for your theory test

Here is some bitter truth; there are no shortcuts to knowing what you need for your theory test. Nonetheless, there are a few ways within which you can learn some basics on what contains the theory test the UK.

As a candidate for the theory test 2017, you need to remember that regardless of how well your practical lessons are going, you must take and pass your theory test before you can qualify for a valid driving license. Also, you have to book the test as it won’t come to you by chance.

Here are a few basics you should know;

When appearing for your theory test, you must carry along your identifications which must include both parts (paper license and plastic card). If you fail to carry these, then the authorities will not accept any other form of identification, and you may end up failing to sit for the test.

Test requirements

When you appear for your theory test exam, you must remember that it is a test and not a discussion. Therefore do not talk when in the test room or make any noise that may distract other candidates. Also, you must remember to leave any prohibited materials from the exam room. Usually, there are lockers provided at thee testt centers where you can keep your belongings and pick them after the test is done.

Test contents

Usually, the theory test exam is divided into two parts; the multiple choice questions and hazard perception part. You will be given equally time to complete each section which you must utilize well to ensure that you not only complete the paper on time, but also do your due diligence to get the best grades possible.

Immediately you get the test paper, ensure that you read and understand all instructions as well as the question before you attempt any of the listed questions. If time allows you, revise your answers before submitting the test paper. The average pass mark for the multiple choice part is 43 out of 50.

For the hazard perception test, you will be shown several videos that will be used to evaluate your ability to identify hazards and deal with them as required. For this part, you need to get at least 44 marks out of a possible 75.

Learning resources

To pass your theory test, you must put in effort including investing in learning resources. You will need to buy learning to drive books, CDs/DVDs as well as revision cards to help you prepare for the test.

Luckily, there are many theory test UK online 2017 resources that you can sample through. Just search the internet for the updated driving books and any other resources that you might need for revison.

Special needs

If you are a special needs candidate, you have to notify the DSA before you book for your test. You should include all details of your special needs together with your application forms; this includes proof that you truly need special needs attention.

Summarily, you need to know and understand all these things if you want to pass your theory test.

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