Eat, Drink and Get Walking!

You love to travel. You love to get out there, see the sites and take in the beauty of the world around you, but most of all you love the food! You love trying new things and being blown away by traditional foods done right in their hometowns. If any of those statements hit home, then I have your next vacation schedule all picked out. Have you ever heard of a food tour? According to Tripadvisor, food tours are rapidly becoming the most popular activity among travelers around the world. A food tour is great for your budget, your tummy, and your vacation! Read on to learn more about food tours and about food in Savannah, GA.

 What Is a Food Tour?

A food tour is exactly as it sounds! You leisurely walk, lead by a guide, through the place that you’re visiting and sample food specific to that place. This brings you a historical, delicious and in depth understanding of the space you’ve chosen to visit. These walking tours usually have partnerships established with the various restaurants they feature, meaning discounts, deals and plenty of food all around! While on a food tour, you’ll be able to experience the best food that that town has to offer all in the span of roughly three hours. You’ll have a well-rounded experience and eat more good food than you could have found on your own, that’s for sure. This is all while you learn about the history of the town, take in beautiful views of the architecture and possibly sip a cocktail or two!


Everyone loves a good brunch. You can sleep in a bit, and when you’re ready greet the day with waffles and booze! Whether you’re a carafe of Mimosas kind of gal, or you prefer to sip slowly on your six shooter, with bourbon, coffee liqueur and tonic water, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. Enjoy some banana french toast or a juicy grass-fed double cheeseburger. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Savannah has got you covered! The beauty of food in Savannah, GA, is that the chefs aren’t preoccupied with making dainty, delicate portions. They aren’t trying to make your food look small and beautiful. They just want you to sit down and enjoy the company of friends and family as you chow down on mouth-watering meals that are sure to satisfy. You’ll walk away from a good meal feeling like you may need a new pair of jeans, but that’s where the walking tour will help you to feel a little less guilty! You can indulge all you want, and then just walk it off!

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