Top 6 Tips to Enjoy Your First Surfing Lesson

How shall I prepare for my first surfing camp? This is one common questions which a lot of people ask in general. If you are one among them then have a look below.

# Tips for the beginners         

  • Sun Protection: Most of the beginners don’t care about their skin while going for surfing. Remember that, when you spend some time outside your home it is extremely important to use sun protection lotion or creams. Studies show that exposure to sunrays for a long time daily can cause skin cancer sometimes. Hence, it is very important to use sunscreen. Make sure that you apply sunscreen once every 2 or 3 hours while surfing. Choose proper swim wear to stay comfortable while surfing. Wearing the right swim wear helps you in protecting your skin from damage.
  • Physical Abilities: If you haven’t tried surfing before then make sure that you use a SUP (Stand up Paddle Board). Trust me you can learn how to balance easily by taking the help of these SUP’s. Remember, maintaining balance is very important while surfing. Be strong and think positive to enjoy your first surf lesson.
  • Do a little workout: Do a little workout before you begin with your first surfing lesson. Try cycling or jogging or any other workout to warm up your body before you begin with your first surfing lesson.
  • Swim Strength: Apart from knowing how to balance on a SUP, you have to be very confident in water. You may fall several times during your first surfing lesson and you should be strong enough to get up and reach the shore back safely.
  • Eat Healthy: Avoid having junk foods before you go for surfing lessons. Eat healthy like fruits, oat meal and etc. Avoid having too heavy food as well before you go for surfing.
  • Just Relax: Don’t stress out yourself much and stay relaxed. In fact, you should avoid getting panicked before you go for surfing. Check the videos available in online to know more about surfing. There are lots of sites in online which are providing guidance to the beginners. Check such websites to prepare yourself. Watch the experienced surfers do their thing. This will help you in learning the techniques easily.
  • Speak with experienced surfers: Speak with some experienced surfers about their experiences while learning surfing. Ask for some tips from them. Know what changes they have experienced in their life after learning surfing.

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