Air Travelers Want Content Anytime, Anywhere

More people use air transportation than at any time in history and, no matter the length of the flight, travelers have expectations that include in-flight entertainment. This opens opportunities for in-flight advertising services.

Connecting travelers with digital media while on the go is Global Eagle’s mission.  Entertaining and informing travelers is their passion. Global Eagle Advertising media platforms generate ancillary revenue for their partners through cross-platform campaigns that surround the traveler during their journey.

Entertainment Content

  • Movies/TV – Travelers want an entertaining selection of inflight movies, TV shows, music and games. They especially appreciate content that matches their cultural and demographic profile.
  • Airread – Passengers online enjoying reading newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Airshop – A traveler-centric approach is critical for airline merchandising efforts to be truly successful in-air passengers can shop and purchase duty-free products.

In-flight Connectivity

The availability of in-flight wi-fi is important to frequent flyers. Passengers flying across the country want to be able to surf the internet, send emails, and play games while traveling. Most passengers bring their own devices on board. Online connectivity is important to travelers and provides opportunities to reach a captive, receptive audience.

Creative Services

Global Eagle Advertising guides effective in-flight TV advertising. Brand advertisers partner to display advertisements or custom content to travelers watching television and movies during their flights. The creative services team delivers professional creative media solutions developed with the customer experience as their top priority.

Product Development

Global Eagle Advertising can help with the overall process of strategy, concept generation, product and marketing plan, and commercialization of a new product.

Data Analytics

Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information that informs conclusions and supports decision-making. Global Eagle Advertising can help collect, analyze, and understand information about travelers so you can improve services and provide a superior customer experience.

Successful airlines provide convenience and value that enhances the travel experience. Passengers on a plane provide a captive audience. Global Eagle Advertising can connect you with advertisers and content curators and introduce new business models and revenue streams. Global Eagle can help you build profitable brand partnerships to monetize passengers.

Global Eagle Advertising engages millions of travelers every day. In-flight advertising services generate revenue for partners through cross-platform media campaigns that surround the traveler during their journey to take your message to new heights via leading content solutions.

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