Stuff to Do in DC during a Layover

One reality of air travel is that people wait for planes, planes do not wait for people. This is true whether you are flying commercial or charter flights in Washington, DC unless you happen to be very, very wealthy and own your own jet. If you are like the vast majority of the rest of us, though, chances are you will end up with a little time to kill when visiting Washington, DC. Here are some sites you can see that are all within a short distance of Reagan National Airport.

Smithsonian Museum Store

Everyone needs souvenirs and what better place to get them than at the Smithsonian Museum Store, located between Terminals B and B/C at the airport? Whether you are looking for a souvenir, educational materials for the kids or just an interesting gift, this museum has something for just about everyone. Best of all, if you are hard pressed for time, its location lets you navigate Reagan National with ease, even as you wait.

Abingdon Plantation

As you kill time waiting for your charter flight in Washington, DC, one gem of an attraction is actually on Reagan National property although it is hard to find. Located west of the Historic Lobby in Terminal A, this historic site offers unique insight to the living arrangements of several of early America’s most famous and important people. There are indoor and outdoor informational stations that help every visitor understand and appreciate our country’s colonial roots.

Tomb of the Unknowns

This is located off of the Reagan National property, about a quarter mile away. Located at Arlington National Cemetery an airport visitor can quickly get to the Tomb and back with little hassle. One amazing event that happens there every hour on the hour from October 1 through March 31 and every 30 minutes from April 1 through September 30 is the changing of the guard, which every visitor should see if they have the chance.

Arlington House

This was the mansion that was seized from Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. The purpose of the seizure was to remind Lee of the toll his actions had on the nation in the form of graves of young Americans. Lee never lived there after the war, but the site is well worth the visit. It is only a stone’s throw from the Tomb of the Unknown, so a traveler can visit both in a few hours.

Whether you are flying commercial or through one of the many charter flights in Washington, DC, within a mile of Reagan National Airport, there are numerous interesting sites to visit. Killing time at Reagan can actually be educational as well as a way to kill time until you take off.

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