Things to Pack While You Are Going for Surfing

Many of us may not be regular surfers or perhaps going for the first time. You must be wondering what things to pack as surfing in the sea may not be as simple as swimming in a protected swimming pool. You have to consider about your swimsuits etc. Also, you have to consider the weather of the time and how much distance you are going to travel.

Even if you are an experienced surfer, it is always better to remind all the necessary items that you need to pack so that you can have all the fun during your holidays. Here is the list of things to pack according to Surfstitch Justin Cameron an expert in surfing gear and equipment.

  1. Sun protection

Never forget to carry all things required to protect yourself from harsh sunrays. Many people often forget to carry them. If you are sun bathing then it is a must. The reflection of seaside can affect your eyes.

  1. Fin keys

Most of the experienced surfers understand the importance of fin keys as it is a good accessory if you are not too sure about the wave conditions. Surfboards usually have interchangeable fins in order to help match various conditions of the sea, and few surfers also carry a number of fins to help adapt as per their technique. The tool that is used to help unfastening the fins is known as fin key and it is like a small Allen wrench.

  1. Surf towels

You sure will not forget to pack it but it is worth mentioning here that you must buy surf towel which is specially designed for this purpose. It will make your life much easier while you are on the beach. Your surfing experience will be much better by choosing right size of the towel.

  1. Surf wax

Traditionally, surf waxes were considered useful for warmer water while surfing in hot countries, now surfing has started in countries with cold water too. Hence, you can get wax for any temperature range. The waxes nowadays use different blends to adapt to the various temperature. Soft waxes are good for any cold surfing and for warmer weather countries, you can prefer hard wax.

  1. Your quiver

Even if you are planning for longer trips, you may choose to pack multiple boards. Take as many as you can easily accommodate. Having a different quiver of board will ensure your enjoyment irrespective of the kind of weather and conditions.

  1. Extra leash

You will never like to ruin your surf weekend by forgetting one thing that will connect you to your board. A snapped leash can anytime separate you totally from your board, so carrying an extra in hand can always ensure you can always pick up right from where you left off.

  1. Other essentials

Based on the location and how far you are travelling, you have to consider many other essentials that you need to pack e.g. neck pillow, necessary snacks, music systems etc.

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