Make your Ladies Night a Huge Success by Trying Out Strip Clubs

Many people are of the perception that strip clubs are only meant for men. Women too like to have fun. If you visit strip clubs, you might come across many women who are there either with their boyfriends or girl gang to have good time.

Strip Club Protocol Also Applies to Women

The dos’ and don’ts in strip clubs are not exclusively for men, but for women too. Many women are curious by nature and might get a bit carried away asking personal questions to strippers. Strippers are there to earn money and not discuss about their personal lives. If you are that inquisitive, you can ask questions about the latest brands of makeup or lotion. They will be glad to discuss such stuff.

If you are in a strip club, be prepared for lap dances and striptease. Even if you are not opting for a lap dance, you need to tip the strippers. If this is your first time to a strip club and are of the belief that lap dances are only for men, then you are mistaken. Strippers are here to do their job and while giving lap dances do not mind the gender of the person. If you are uncomfortable, you can voice your thought by action or speech in a polite manner.

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If you want a stripper to perform for you and your girl gang, then you can request her politely. Never be rude to a stripper. At the end of the dance, ensure that you tip her generously.

Playing it Cool

No matter how nervous you are, never let it show. You definitely do not want to be the laughing stock in your group. Some useful tips that can come to your rescue would be:

  • If a stripper offers you a lap dance, take it
  • If you have no clue, how to take it forward, you can always ask the stripper
  • Never try to steal the strippers’ limelight by ogling at her customers
  • Ensure that you know your limits when it comes to alcohol
  • Ask for permission before you click a selfie. In many clubs, photos are prohibited
  • Do not get jealous if the stripper gives attention to your boyfriend

If you have gone in as a couple, then ensure that your boyfriend has a gala time. The stripper is not here to steal your position or make you jealous. She is just doing her job and getting paid for it. Respect that or better actively participate by helping her out.


Ensure that you have ton of fun with your girl gang. Make the most of your time, but at the same time ensure that you are not crossing the line by coming in the way of the strippers.

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