Guidelines for How and Who to Tip at a Restaurant

Tipping is somehow often still a debated topic in the restaurant industry. Knowing how much to tip when you visit a restaurant or a bar can often be confusing. There’s really no set amount to tip a server or bartender, or any of the other people you may come across when you’re eating out at a neighborhood restaurant in Cumming, GA. However, here are some general rules of thumb that would be great to keep in mind next time you dine out.

Tipping Your Server

It should be no surprise that restaurant servers depend on tips for their wages. That said, recommended tip amounts vary depending on the quality of service. For average service, 15% of the check is a fine tip, but 20% is above average. Feel free to tip above 20% if the service you received is exceptional, however. If you have a large party of 8 or more, the tip or gratuity may be added automatically so verify that with the host or hostess before you’re seated if you’re unsure. There’s never an instance where leaving no tip at all would be acceptable. If there was a problem with your service, ask to speak with the manager about it and handle it there.

Who to Tip

Now that you know how much to tip, you may also need to know who you should tip. Knowing before you go whether you’ll be interacting with any of these personnel will help you to remember to be prepared with cash for tips.

  • Hosts: There’s no need to tip your hosts unless they did you a favor. You’d tip appropriately for the size of the favor in this instance.
  • Bartenders: Typical tip rate is 15% for bartenders, or $1 for wine or beer.
  • Coat check: If there’s a coat check steward at the restaurant, $1 per coat is acceptable.
  • Sommelier: Wine stewards should be tipped at 15% or more of the bottle price.
  • Restroom attendants: Although not seen often anymore, restroom attendants are common at higher end eateries and should be tipped 50 cents to $1.
  • Parking valet: Don’t forget to tip your parking valet $1 to $3 when you drop off and the same when you pick up your vehicle.

Visiting a neighborhood restaurant Brookhaven GA, should be a fun and stress-free experience. Don’t let the worry of the tip at the end of the meal be a major concern for you. With these guidelines, you should be more comfortable with tipping your servers and other staff members.

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